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Aluk Todolo - debut 7" / Digital Download

Aluk Todolo (France) plays Occult Rock. The band uses traditional rock instruments and magickal theories to reach elevated levels of psychedelic trance and new states of consciousness. This 7" marks their debut debut and features two esoteric compositions that are drawn from the bands improv-laden, live rituals. Side A is a rhythmic and moody piece which gradually builds intensity only to crescendo and gently drift into a blur of sound and mysterious mumblings from Aleister Crowley. The B-side is more krautrock-influenced and upbeat, but fades into an ethereal drone only to explode back into a heavy rock jam. Aluk Todolo features members from the legendary, underground black metal acts, Diamatregon & Vediog Svaor.

"Holy fuck, this record is amazing! Ominous krautrock rhythms over Einsterzende style industrial clatter, some lost seventies psych rock holy grail channeled through modern post rock. Dreamy and dark and mesmerizing. Hypnotic guitar lines and simple shuffling rhythms that build into clattery propulsive jams, all clanging angular riffs and dense tangled drumming. VERY This Heat like, and reminiscent of the late great Laddio Bolocko. Some sort of dangerous and mysterious postrock / krautrock hybrid, lo-fi but thick and dense and amazingly heavy."  -Aquarius Records
"...two raging strung-out dark untitled instrumentals come across like a Wodenist ‘Komakino’-period Joy Division."  -Julian Cope / Head Heritage
"This is one of the best advances in rock rock rock to come along in years, and it's in keeping with philosopher Anton LaVey's advice to not offer advice until someone asks for it."  –Signal to Noise
"What they conjure up on their debut single is neither generic nor even easy to place inside known space/time continuums."  -The Wire
"This is brilliant stuff, and the only flaw here is that there's not anywhere near enough of it."  -Dead Angel
"If all of those proggy jam bands with occult themes from the '70's were actually listenable and good, you would get Aluk Todolo."  -The Ajna Offensive

Side A(5:37)

Side B (5:55) (MP3)


Shantidas Riedacker - Guitar
Matthieu Canaguier -Bass
Antoine Hadjioannou -Drums

Release date: July 25, 2006

Artwork: Aluk Todolo