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July 26, 2013

The big sale we talked about is finally here. We are clearing out PG releases, new and used vinyl, CD's, magazines, DVD's, t-shirts, etc. Everything is super cheap, well below wholesale rates. Check out the list here.

With this large sale comes the announcement of PG closing it's doors. We have been on hiatus for two years but have decided the time has come to officially lay PG to rest. We had a great run, putting out 35 releases in our 7 active years (2004 - 2011.) It was a pleasure to work with all of the artists, printers, labels, distributors, PR folks, magazines, webzines, etc. and of course, the fans and record collectors. We met some amazing people through PG and we had a blast doing it!

This website will become inactive, but if you care to follow the goings on of PG alumnae, please like our PG facebook page. We try to post tour dates, new album releases, etc.

Also, PG founder, J.R,. is starting a new label, Araçá Recs, that will focus on underground/outsider hip-hop and club music released in limited runs of 45's (with free MP3's online.) This will launch this Autumn with releases planned from Antzkilla (Indonesia), MRC Riddims (NYC), and Little Flowers (Baltimore). As of now, we have no web presence, but you can like the Araçá Recs facebook page and we'll let you know when things kick off and we have an offical website. (Note: the facebook page has nothing on it, not even our logo. Give it a few months and it will all fill in.)


January 22, 2012

Darsombra is working on a new full length to surface on Exile on Mainstream (Germany) in Autumn. In the meantime, check out the band live on the west coast in February. Its a great line-up of shows, with darsombra being joined by Master Musicians of Bukkake, Grayceon, The Thrones, Totimoshi, and more! A new, limited DVD release will be available from the band on the tour. Dates here.

Aun will be playing the Voivod-curated Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands in April. Other European dates with This Quiet Army are being scheduled. All dates are posted here.

Dave Cintron from the Terminal Lovers has released a solo album, "No On" on the Lighten Up Sounds label. It's a fantastic 41 minutes of shimmering ambience! Check it out here.

The Korperschwache track "Alcohol Poisoning" (from the Ignore the Need album) will be featured on the upcoming Mind the Gap CD. This CD will included with the January issue of Gonzo Circus Magazine from the Netherlands. In case you have not heard Ignore the Need, make sure to grab a copy of the limited, t-shirt/poster/download package from the PG store.

Baltimore's prog metal wizards, Trephine, are coming out of retirement for a benefit show this Saturday at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Joining core members, Dave and Chuck will be '05-'06 drummer, Chris Metzler (recently of Upsilon Acrux and Bad Dudes.) More details about the show can be found here.


August 5, 2011

Finally!!! After much delay on PG's end, we are proud to offer the latest work from one of our favorite artists, Koperschwache. This is a unique package deal combining a digital download with lots of Korperswache goodies. The music is some of our favorite yet from the big red K and is arguably his prettiest album to date. This limited release for PG is a one time pressing of 50 copies. Each package comes with a 100% cotton, black t-shirt with front and rear, black and red print, a 12" x 18" poster (suitable for framing,) a 4" x 4" full color download card with cover art and liner notes, and a 1" button. The package is shipped in a sturdy, 4" x 18" cardboard tube. "Ignore the Need" is also available (without the package deal) as a digital download from FINA Music, iTunes, and other digital retailers. More info here. Preorder (which ships on August 15th) can be ordered here.

Darsombra US tour kicks off tonight in Baltimore! Dates can be found on the shows page.

PG alumnae news: Going back to the early years of PG, turntablist Still(now performing under his given name, Hsi-Chang Lin) has returned to playing live shows. Check out some vid clips below. He is currently working on a new album which will see the light of day in near future. /
Also, Chuck Collins, guitarist for Trephine, has a new project called Bet the Devil. If you like your metal in the old school, technical, SF thrash style, then you need to check this out. These guys are killing it!

June 4, 2011

Upcoming June/July tour dates are now posted for Aun, Terminal Lovers, Ala Muerte and The Psychic Paramount. Stay tuned for August tour dates for Darsombra and Aluk Todolo. Dates can be found on the shows page.

We have very limited quantities of some awesome, imported releases from Aluk Todolo, Diamatregon, and Zu. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please send an email to publicguilt(at)gmail(dot)com.

Aluk Todolo - Ordre 10" $12 USD
Diamatregon - Crossroads cassette tape $11 USD
Diamatregon - The Satanic Devotion CD $8 USD
Zu - Carboniferous LP $20 USD

More news soon.

April 6, 2011

The Aluk Todolo / Menace Ruine tour kicks off next week. I will be selling merch on this tour and I can't wait! This is going to be be a killer few weeks of shows with Year of No Light, White Hills, Earth, Sabbath Assembly, Herpes ö DeLuxe and of course, the Roadburn Festival! Come say hello at the merch table.

Congratulations to Bianca of Ala Muerte and her husband, Don (of Action Beat), on the birth of their daughter, Isla. In true, punk rock fashion, lady Death Wing is dropping the baby weight and taking Ala Muerte on the road for some UK dates this summer. Dates are posted on the shows page.

The Korperschwache "Ignore the Need" release will be available in late May. Sneak a peak at the killer cover art in the column to the right courtesy of Chase Middaugh. It's like Weegee on acid. This will be a limited package deal. The set includes a t-shirt, a poster, a 1" button, and a digital download card complete with the cover art and liner notes.

After this release, PG will go on hiatus for a bit. The PG store is closed. We are handing our mailorder over to our pal, Adam at the Crucial Blast Shop. Check it out. C. Blast rules!


January 5, 2011

Happy new year!

The Zu remix 7" is now up for pre-order. These are limited to 500 copies and are available in two vinyl colors, grey and clear with a grey haze. A digital download card is included with the 7". The Magicicada "Other" box is available for pre-order as well. Due to the delicate nature of the physical release, these will ship directly from Magicicada. This box is limited to 13 copies. Both releases will be available for purchase as a digital download via iTunes, FINA, etc. in late May, so grab the physical releases now.

The Korperschwache "Ignore the Need" album has pushed back a bit. This will be ready in February. In the meantime, check out the new K record, "Evil Walks" on Crucial Blast!

Darsombra will be embarking on an eleven day tour of the southern US (aka "The Dirty South.") Dates are posted on the shows page. Also, check this out-- German, tongue-in-cheek, space-doom outfit, DER_WARRIOR asked Darsombra to record a guitar lead for their new track, Helios. The video for this track is simply amazing. Check it out here.

While we are posting videos-- Check out two new vids from members of the Deadverse Massive. The first is Oddateee's "The Morning Rush," a collaboration with Switzerland's Talen. Find it here. The second is the debut of IconAclass, the newest project from Dälek MC, Will Brooks. See it here. Watch for more from IconAclass and the Deadverse crew in 2011.

Assembling Zu 7"s...


November 26, 2010

The Zu remix 7" test pressings have been approved. This will be a limited pressing of 500 with 250 on grey vinyl and 250 on clear/grey haze. These will go on sale along with the Korperschwache's "Ignore the Need" and Magicicada's "Other." in early to mid January. We had hoped to have these together before the holidays, but shit happens. Now, you can use the holiday money your grandmother sent you to order these records in January.

Chase Middaugh will be doing the artwork for the Korperschwache album. We are very excited to be working with him again. Photos of the Magicicada release and a streaming player of the the new album can be found here. An awesome article about the album and the copies that are hidden in public places for folks to find (hell yeah!) can be found here. The Psychic Paramount 7" which was scheduled to be released at the same time will not be coming out at this time. Watch for their new LP to be out on No Quarter in early 2011.

Aluk Todolo is confirmed to play the Sunn O))) curated Roadburn festival in the Netherlands on April 15, 2011. This show will be part of a 13 day tour of Northern Europe with Menace Ruine from Canada.

A video of the final Destructo Swarmbots show can be viewed here. Lots of cool dudes and a rad chick were onstage. A guitar was destroyed, audience members were told to suck a dick. It was a great time.

The Darsombra / Wino / Conny Ochs European tour was a huge success. A few pics are below.

Darsombra, Cologne, Germany | The Trio, Scotland, UK | Darsombra, playing in a cave in Iserlohn, Germany


September 25, 2010

The PG offices will be closed from Sept 24th through October 5th. All orders placed during this time will ship on October 6th. Thanks in advance for your patience.

We are very excited about our upcoming releases from Zu, Magicicada, Korperschwache and The Psychic Paramount. Things are moving slowly, but still moving. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details about release dates and teaser tracks. We have the completed tracks for three of these releases and they are all killer!

The Darsombra / Wino / Conny Ochs European tour is going extremely well. We just saw pics of Darsombra playing in a cave in Iserlohn, Germany. Pretty fucking cool. Do not miss this tour if it hits your city!

The members of the Deadverse Massive have been busy lately. We mentioned a while back the formation of MAST3RBA55 (the remix duo of MC dälek and Mike from Swarmbots). Oddateee is featured on the latest Talen 12" "New York Book" along with Sensational and also has a digital single out with MRC Riddims. MRC Riddims is the duo of Oktopus (dälek) and Merc (Ifwhen). They currently have two amazing singles out (both available for free download or donation), one featuring Odd and one featuring John Morrison. Check them out here. Also watch for an amazing Deadverse Massive mixtape to surface soon. This crew is on fire!


August 11, 2010

A quick note about the PG store. Prices are no longer postpaid. Shipping will be calculated at the end of the paypal cart process. So, the visible prices have been reduced accordingly. Unfortunately, as of July 27th, Media Mail shipping is no longer available for items that are not "educational" in nature. So, shipping an LP within the US now costs $7.50 instead of $2.77. On the bright side, it gets to you faster (Priority Mail). Also, we have also reduced the prices on all Public Guilt CD's considerably and added three new releases to the Distributed Titles page. We now have copies of Korperschwache's "Black Dust" disc, Aun's very rare "Utica" 7 inch, and "Pro Hour," the debut LP from Baltimore no-jazz enthusiasts, Microkingdom.


July 18, 2010

More dates have been added for the Darsombra tour with Wino & Conny Ochs tour. UK dates for October will be added soon. Also, Darsombra will be playing two Baltimore shows in August. Ala Muerte just announced a last minute show in Brookyln this weekend. Dälek has been opening for Tool recently. Tonight, they are in LA. New dates have also been posted for Strotter Inst. and The Psychic Paramount. All dates are posted on the shows page.

The Strotter Inst. US tour was a huge success. Thanks to all who came out or helped with a show. Some pics and video from the Aquarius Records instore can be found here.

Stay tuned for more specific details on PG's Autumn release schedule. We have releases slated from The Psychic Paramount (the long awaited 7"), Korperschwache (a dropcard, t-shirt & poster package, Magicicada (the mysterious and limited fleshbox) and Zu (the killer Phantomsmasher/James Plotkin remix 7").


June 5, 2010

Thanks to all who came out to the anniversary shows a few weeks ago and to all who have downloaded the anniversary comp. It is still available for free download here. A review of the comp popped up here.

A handful of Aun / Habsyll LP reviews have been popping up. Check out a few here, here, here, and here. We still have copies of the gray vinyl edition available for sale in the store. Also, we have Aluk Todolo Finsternis LP's and shirts available!

Darsombra will be touring Europe with Wino (St. Vitus, Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand, Shrinebuilder) and Conny Ochs in September and October. The tour dates have been posted on the shows page.

The final Destructo Swarmbots set was incredible. In true DS fashion, the crowd had thinned out. Nine folks (including members from Action Beat, Ghostigital, Dälek, Ala Muerte, Ifwhen, Cleenteeth, M4ST3RB455, and Oddateee) took the stage for a set that lasted just under 16 minutes. A guitar was destroyed about 9 minutes in and the PA was pushed to it's limits for the full set. It was one of the most incredible things we have ever experienced. Below are a few small pics. More pics and a video will be popping up in the coming weeks.


May 14, 2010

PG 6th anniversary shows are tonight and tomorrow in Brooklyn and Baltimore. Come on out! To celebrate the anniversary, we put together a free 21 track digital download compilation. There are a bunch of unreleased and exclusive tracks, plus plenty of goods from our six year history. Included are tracks from Zu, Ala Muerte/Max Bondi, Destructo Swarmbots, Terminal Lovers, Deadverse Massive, Aluk Todolo, Darsombra, Phantomsmasher, The Psychic Paramount, Aun, Microkingdom, Perfekt Teeth, Decimation Blvd., Strotter Inst. & Hsi-Chang Lin, Cream Abdul Babar, Korperschwache, Vopat, Magicicada, Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat, and Blister Freak Circus. Download it in two parts here.


April 20, 2010

Preorder is under away for the Aun/Habsyll split LP and the Aluk Todolo "Finsternis" LP and t-shirt. These will ship on May 4th and will be in stores on May 18th. Both of these releases are pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The split LP from Aun & Habsyll features two pieces from artist, Stephen Kasner. The US pressing is on grey vinyl and is limited to 200 copies from PG. In Europe, Conspiracy Records has 200 copies for sale on gold vinyl. This marks the first time for Aluk Todolo's "Finsternis" on vinyl with new artwork created by the band. The t-shirts are 100% cotton, black shirt with grey ink and features the band's logo on the back side. Sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL are available. Visit the store for all of the specials and purchase options.


April 15, 2010

The line-up for the PG 6th anniversary shows is official.

May 14th - Brooklyn NY @ Party Expo 8pm - Ala Muerte, The Psychic Paramount, Terminal Lovers, Aun, Destructo Swarmbots, Microkingdom
May 15th - Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Cafe 10pm - Terminal Lovers, Microkingdom, Ala Muerte

Posters are being designed by Richmond's Eliza Childress. Eliza has created some amazing posters for Richmond shows and we are very excited to be working with her. Also, we are assembling a free sampler for the 6th anniversary of PG. This will include tracks from PG's 6 years history as well as lots of exclusive tracks from PG artists. Stay tuned for details.

Strotter Inst. was amazing in NY a few weeks ago. Make sure to catch him on one of his US dates. For those who missed it, a live set on Boston's "Rare Frequency" (WZBC) is archived here. And an interview by RF's Susanna Bolle is posted here.

Due to a major fuck-up by the booking agent, the european dates for Darsombra have changed. We will have the final confirmation of dates in the next few days and they will be posted here. Some dates will still be with Jucifer and Grayceon. Other dates will be on other bills. Please support these bands. They are losing money to salvage this tour.

The Aluk Todolo "Finsternis" and AUN/Habsyll split LP's will be be available for preorder beginning April 20th. These will ship on May 4th. Aluk Todolo t-shirts will also be available.


March 22, 2010

The Strotter Inst. US tour kicks off this week in NY. A new date has been added for Brooklyn. The show will be a duo with Hsi-Chang Lin (formerly Still, of dälek and PG album "Remains" fame).

New Zu dates for Europe & Russia are posted. Also, in the works for Zu, a project we are every excited about. Phantomsmasher and James Plotkin are remixing tracks from Zu's "Carboniferous" album for a limited, 7" release on PG. Wach for a late Summer or early Fall release date.


March 11, 2010

It's touring season! New dates are posted for Strotter Inst(US), Darsombra(UK/EU), Ala Muerte(UK), Aluk Todolo(EU) and The Psychic Paramount (EU).

Test pressings are here for the AUN/Habsyll split LP and Aluk Todolo Finsternis LP. Watch for preorder to be available in mid-April with the official release date for both being May 18, 2010. Also, we will be doing a limited edition Aluk Todolo t-shirt in conjuction with the LP.

Plans are coming together for the PG 6th anniversary shows. These will be in Brooklyn (May 14th) and in Baltimore (May 15th).

Zu has a new website. Check it out here. And then, buy the new LP here.

James O'Brien (visual artisté, ex-Destructo Swarmbots, currently of Cleanteeth) is alive and his pancreas is no longer sick. Fuckin' A.


February 14, 2010

The Zu "The Way of the Animal Powers" vinyl is here and looks awesome. These are 180 gram, 45 rpm, black and white mixed vinyl in a thick gatefold sleeve covered with art from longtime Zu collaborator and one of our favorite artists to work with, Scarful. Preorder is underway! These ship on March 2th and will be in stores on March 16th. Also, we are doing a vinyl/t-shirt bundles with Zu's awesome "Tom Araya is our Elvis" t-shirt. Metallic silver ink on black, 100% cotton shirts (sizes YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL available.) Visit the store for all of the specials and purchase options.

Strotter Inst. will be in the US from March through june. Check the shows page for his dates. Do not miss this! Ala Muerte will be in the UK in April with Bleeding Heart Narrative. Dates here. We will announce April / March Darsombra tour dates very soon for the UK and Europe. It's a killer package tour!

RKF, of Korperschwache fame, has a very nice interview posted on Heathen Harvest. Check it out here. Mike from Destructo Swarmbots and Will Brooks (aka MC dälek of dälek) have formed a remix unit known as MAST3RBA55. They have done remixes for such folks as T-Pain (the guy on the boat.) and Ocelot. Check them out here. Bianca of Ala Muerte has formed a new duo with Brooklyn's Joshua Slusher called Creeplings. Check them out here.

Some new Terminal Lovers reviews have been posted. Check them out below and then buy the vinyl! Hellride Music | Foxy Digitalis | The Sound Projector | Deaf Sparrow | KFJC | Dead Angel | PeaceDogMan | I-94 Bar | Book's Music

Save the date(s)... May 14th and 15th will be a two day event celebrating the 6th anniversary of Public Guilt. Shows are in the works for Baltimore and New York. Stay tuned for details!







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Phantomsmasher / James Plotkin remix 7"

Other CD in handmade box

Aluk Todolo
Finsternis LP

Aun / Habsyll
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The Way of the Animal Powers LP

Strotter Inst.
Minenhund CD


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