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Aluk Todolo - Descension CD / Digital Download

The first full-length shows the band developing the esoteric theorems established on it's debut 7" and going far deeper in the methodical exploration of the occult powers of musical trance. With the goal to create a timeless, organic mixing of krautrock's strangeness and black metal's coldness, Aluk Todolo conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. By reducing psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, and basking in the archaic rawness of lo-fi production, the trio elaborates on an audio ritual meant to be monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming.

LP version released by Riot Season (UK).

"On Descension, the principal ideas behind Black Metal are unbalanced and virtually reinvented. The usual Burzum-style guitar buzz crumples and implodes, the monolithic drumming becomes a grinding Krautrock churn, and the snarled vocals are ditched completely in favour of a treated tape loop. Ignoring the rigid stereotype that still taints the genre, Aluk Todolo walk a crooked creative path where composition and improvisation become rituals" -The Wire
"For their playing unites Krautrock with Zeuhl via classic No Wave, and rocks mightily. This power trio’s time-honoured guitar/bass/drums line-up is outstandingly meditative and un-clichéd. Very Cleveland, very Can, very This Heat, very Magma, but very much its own original thing, and definitely another necessary part of the puzzle that leads us to the Rue d’Awakening." -Julian Cope / Head Heritage
"Immediately you can hear echoes of late 60's 'recorded in a castle' era Can once Descension is spinning. Propulsive, repetitive bass and drum lines dominate these four occult instrumentals through which creep fingers of Chrome-like disharmonies. Best heard in it's deep, dark and strangely uplifting entirety." -Sound Projector (UK)
"Intense and hypnotic and heavy and fucking genius. Ritualistic sounds, both black and brilliant, pulled from the void, a mysterious and sonic netherworld. Definite contender for record of the year." -Aquarius Records (Record of the Week: November 30th, 2007)

1. obedience
2. burial ground
3. woodchurch
4. disease (MP3)

Shantidas Riedacker - Guitar
Matthieu Canaguier -Bass
Antoine Hadjioannou -Drums

Release date: August 28, 2007

Artwork: Aluk Todolo