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v/a "untitled" 3CD box set

A year and a half in the making... three labels (Public Guilt, Epicene Sound Systems and Underadar) teamed up to co-curate and co-release a 55 artist, 225 minute, 3CD compilation of some of the best noise / experimental / avant artists active today. Collected in a 5" x 6" x 1" kraft paper box and wrapped in a beautiful gold ink on red paper band , "untitled" features the visual art of four visual artists (2 pieces per artist) who are also represented in sound: Shaun Flynn (Wzt Hearts), Christopher White (Magicicada), Jason Zeh, and Matthew Reis (Teeth Collection).

Disc 1
Black Meat (MP3) | Door | Noveller | Jason Zeh | Teeth Collection | Earwicker | tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE | Gerritt | Thurston Moore | Wzt Hearts | Skullcaster | Steve Bradley | Wether | Mermaids | Strotter Inst. | Mike Shiflet | Leslie Keffer | Magicicada

Disc 2
Burning Star Core | Oblong Box (MP3) | Aughra | Travis Ryan | Donna Parker | Robert Inhuman | Yellow Tears | 1thousand holy shards | Back from Iraq | Sick Ill Cell | Dead Machines | Herpes Ö DeLuxe | The Cherry Point | scutopus | Ben S. Jacobs | Blango | Decimation Blvd. | Ultra//Vires | Subterrane | Destructo Swarmbots | Darsombra

Disc 3
Panicsville | OP Rechts (MP3) | Bet Hell | Gerritt & John Wiese | Josh Lay | Cotton Museum | Big China/Little Trouble | Forbes Graham | Small Life | Iovae | Heirs of Rockefeller | Perfect Teeth | Hum of the Druid | Sword Heaven | Tonight Golden Curls | Guilty Connector

"It's the most user-friendly collection to be issued in the name of 'noise' that I have ever come across... Another thing I like about it is that, although the sequencing is exemplary and and makes for an entertaining sequence, there's no attempt to 'theme' or 'structure' the work or otherwise confine it by narrow categorisations (not even the box's title); you just play it start to finish, comparatively free from preconceived ideas, and wallow in the lardy delights unearthed by your intelligent lugs." -Sound Projector
"A totally mind blowing collection of artists, representing the state of 'noise' today. 55 bands, 3 cds, totally elaborate over the top packaging... So utterly gorgeous. And it's incredibly well sequenced too, the tracks are matched and segue into each other as if it were an album proper, not a compilation. Our faith in noise may have been restored! Essential listening for lovers of modern music, noise and otherwise, and recommended especially for even the most noise-phobic among you." -Aquarius Records
"This is one hell of treasure box" -Vital Weekly
"Unlike most various-artist compilations, there's a distinct shortage of filler here -- most, if not all, of the material here is pure prime meat, whole-grain noise goodness. There's plenty of variety and unexpected surprises on each disc, and the quality level is phenomenal, with some of the best and most unusual tracks coming at times from the most obscure artists. It's an astounding release on every level, and one of the best various-artists compilations you'll ever hope to hear." -Dead Angel


Release date: May 29, 2007

Artwork: Shaun Flynn, Jason Zeh, Christopher White, Matthew Reis